25 years of experience
in forest management

About us

Vaseten history dates back to 1991 – when the company’s founder Peter Janson became engaged in forest purchase. Vaseten private limited company was registered in 2003 in order to provide owners of forest and agricultural land with a quick and safe option of sale of such land at a fair price. The company is based on the local capital and is developing steadily – the turnover and the profit show annual growth. Vaseten does not resell purchased land, focusing on the professional maintenance and improving the land’s natural value, including construction or renovation of forest roads and drainage canals, as well as planting conifer trees instead of bushes. A significant part of company-owned land is located in conservation areas, where certain restrictions with regard to forest management apply. Vaseten is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce, Industry the Estonian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and the Estonian Private Forest Association.


In early 2017 the Estonian Forest Certification Council (Eesti Metsasertifitseerimise Nõukogu) has issued a PEFC forestry certificate (issued under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) to company Vaseten. PEFC international certificate confirms that forestry activities performed by its holder do not harm the environment and comply with generally accepted standards of forest administration (provide for reforestation, monitoring condition of forests, preservation of natural diversity, etc.). Learn more about the certificate and responsible forestry activities on PEFC website


More than 25 years of forest management experience.


Peter Janson
Founder and
head of OÜ Vaseten



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